Ronstan Rods & Hardware in Winning House Design

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Ronstan works with winning team in the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Competition?

wire balustrading - Industrial Hardware - RonstanThis year the Stevens Institute of Technology team competed against 13 other collegiate teams to win the Solar Decathlon in Irvine, California. The challenge was to build a cost effective and attractive, 1000 square foot solar powered house. Ronstan rods and hardwarewere incorporated into elements of this winning Sure House design.

We spoke with Tom King, the composite fabrication specialist of the SURE House Team, who summarized the winning house design. The SURE House name comes from SUstainable systems plus REsilience. The design incorporates innovative, Sydney - Industrial Hardware - Ronstanstrong and reliable energy efficient qualities. The house uses a tiny amount of energy, 90% less than a conventional house built to US  code. The energy used comes from a well known carbon-free source, the sun.

The sustainability aspect of the design is in the passive house building techniques. The structure is used to create an envelope to reduce energy loss and minimize transfer between the outside world and conditioned space.  The exterior is a wood structure made up of engineered lumber beams and joists, 2 x 6 wall framing, a steel deck exoskeleton and an adhered plastic layer for flood proofing. The deck frame was supported by cross bracing with Ronstan stainless steel grade 520 structural rods.

Cable Railings and Decking - Industrial Hardware - RonstanThe resilience of the house was vitally important. The team researched and developed a structural system capable of withstanding flood tidal currents up to five feet and 130 MPH hurricane winds.  They needed a simple system for sealing the doors and windows to flood water and debris during storms. The solution was found in Ronstan marine industry technology. Glass fiber composite shutters were designed in conjunction with Ronstan and Aquidneck Custom and Gurit.

In the event of a storm, the house is designed to survive on its own. The SURE house can be used a s a prototype for other coastal properties.

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