Selecting the Right Shackle

Selecting the right type of shackle for the job can be a real challenge, one we and our experts here at Ronstan understand all too well. In this article, we will look at the advantages of a Snap Shackle over a D-Shackle, and talk you through the key differences to enable you to make a fully informed choice.


The D-Shackle gets its name, unsurprisingly from its D-shaped design which makes it easier to identify somewhat helpfully. The main thing about the D-Shackle is that it is narrower than other types of Shackle such as the Anchor, and it also more often than not has a threaded pin closing mechanism. Its main function due to its smaller nature therefore, is to take high loads on the primary line. If used on a side, or raising line for loads, it may buckle. As with other Shackles, a D-Shackle tends to come in a galvanised metal or stainless steel, and with a variety of pin options to suit your needs.

Snap Shackle

Next up – Snap Shackles. Now this type of shackle is designed with a spring activating mechanism, thus giving it the snap name. The main advantage of this type of shackle is that it can be used swiftly with one hand. So, if speed is the aim of the game, then the Snap Shackle is the shackle for you. It is also the one for jobs where you need to disconnect, reconnect, and repeat manoeuvres. Because of this nature, it means they are however not so great for heavy duty work as they have lower working load limits compared to their family members. Within the snap genre, there is the swivel eye, the swivel jaw, the fixed snap and the rope snap. As the Snap Shackle comes in several different compositions it is more flexible, one of the main drawbacks of the D-Shackle is the fact it doesn’t move or flow, the Snap Shackle with the swivel element means you can do a lot more with it.

So take into considering the pros and cons of the D-Shackle versus the Snap Shackle when making your selection, and don’t forget to look into the type of pin that will work best for your operation too. If in doubt, give the team at Ronstan a call!

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